College History

College of Vocational Studies was founded in 1972 with emphasis on vocational courses. It is a co-educational college which offers the traditional courses and vocational courses under the same roof. The courses offered in College of Vocational Studies, popularly known as CVS are -

The seven vocational courses:

  1. MMI-Management and Marketing of Insurance
  2. MMRB-Marketing Management and Retail Business
  3. Tourism Management
  4. OMSP-Office Management and Secretarial Practice
  5. SME-Small and Medium Enterprises
  6. HRM-Human Resource Management
  7. MM-Material Management.

The traditional courses offered are :

  1. B.Com (Hons.)
  2. B.A. (Hons)History
  3. B.A. (Hons)Economics
  4. B.Sc (Hons)Computer Science
  5. B.A. (Hons)Business Economics
  6. B.A. (Hons) English
  7. B.A. (hons)Hindi
  8. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

With courses in French and German Language and Post-Graduate diploma in Tourism and Post-Graduate diploma in Book Publishing.