College of Vocational Studies

University of Delhi

Research and Incubation

ERIC (Entrepreneurship, Research and Incubation Centre)

To ideate is futile without implementation, and to implement is impossible without methodical research.

Aiming to solve this quandary for the budding entrepreneurs and the other students of CVS, ERIC perches on the belief that the only secret for getting ahead is getting started.

Initially, any entrepreneurial or research idea is limited either by the mind or the funds. By providing incubation facilities to plausible startups, along with mentorship and consultancy for research and academia, ERIC eradicates both limitations. Thus, it fosters and facilitates a conducive environment for a student’s growth.

ERIC was founded in 2018 by students of College of Vocational Studies. It aims to promote entrepreneurship, making the troublesome journeys of entrepreneurs a little less tedious, and to help students pursue their research ideas.


ERIC helps startups by providing basic facilities and helping them connect with experts in their field. An Incubation Centre provides initial guidance and infrastructure to a startup.


ERIC also aims to help students with academic research in the fields such as finance, economics etc.